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You’re the best but no one knows it. Now they will.

VoxDis tablet based review system allows you to capture reviews from all customers right at the point of sale and ensures that for every 100 customers, at least 80 of them will be fed to all major industry related websites, including yours.

What’s in it for you?

At VoxDis our mission is simple: to enhance your position in the minds of consumers that don’t know you while also assisting with the implementation of a Negative Review Prevention Process (NRPP). VoxDis has a patented solution that uniquely allows the opportunity to address the issue prior to the clients departure.

Imagine if you were able to be notified via text message of a negative review or dissatisfied customer before that party left your establishment.  This preventative process is much more effective than the alternative of attempting to rectify the issue via a phone call or email sometimes months after the initial experience took place.

  • Intercept


  • Interact


  • Isolate


Keeping customers happy is more important than ever.

In our digital age, people everyday use a multitude of platforms as a roadmap or compass to guide their destination of where they choose to do business.

  • 75

    of people will consult the internet before choosing a professional. The majority of them will spend 4 hours doing research before making a final decision.

  • 95

    of unhappy customers will return if an issue is resolved quickly and efficiently.

  • 72

    of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

  • 86

    of people consulting the internet to make a decision on a product, service, or a professional are influenced by negative online reviews.

  • Efficient

    Utilizing the VoxDis tablet allows your business to populate reviews and web content at much higher rate than current post sale methods.

  • Customizable

    Your account may be tailored to a single business location or multiple locations.

  • Integrity

    Ethical integrity is vital. To ensure the tool is not misused for fake reviews, we have a sophisticated system of validating user identities.

  • Targeted

    When publishing, we target every website relevant to your industry.

  • Interactive

    If your customer isn’t satisfied with their experience having the ability to interact with them face to face can be a priceless tool.

  • Improvement

    At the touch of a click you'll be able to access reports and metrics for assessment and improvement.

Good news travels faster now!

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You spend a great deal on marketing your services and have spent years perfecting your craft. Don’t let one negative review ruin that.

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